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Terms & Conditions

General Terms And Conditions.

By using our services, the client agrees to abide by the following terms.

  1. Visitors are not allowed to exchange, modify, sell or transmit any information available in this website including text, images, audio or video for any business or commercial purposes.
  2. The client has not requested or exchanged links with link farms or undertaken any spamming techniques which may harm the web site's ranking with Google.
  3. It is not possible to give a 100% guarantee for any specific result on any search engine, nor can we quantify the level of increased traffic or sales, as a result of the SEO campaign.
  4. 50% payment in advance and non-refundable under any circumstances.
  5. If the client makes any changes to the optimized pages created by Creative Connection or does not implement the changes advised by us, any guarantee placed will become void immediately.
  6. Creative Connection reserves the right to use client websites, web design, layouts, wireframes and collateral in advertising and or marketing initiatives. This may include portfolio examples on our website, case studies and other promotional initiatives, and discrete links at the foot of the pages on the supplied website until otherwise specifically instructed by the client to not use it.
  7. In cases where there is either concern that the current hosting IP address may be part of a 'bad neighbourhood' or for reasons of optimization, Creative Connection may request the client to change hosting provider.


We are an expert at creating designed websites to fit your needs. We strive to create a unique design for your website that will help your business, corporation, or individual enterprise stand out.


Today’s world is not short of requirements and the need for speed, accessibility and comfort. In a way, smart phones have brought all these together with the infinite potential of apps creating innumerable possibilities.



A website needs to have all search engine elements that are required to make it search engine friendly. Incorporating the latest and critical SEO strategies, Creative Connection design and develop websites enriched with result-oriented SEO tactics.


We promote your brands on social media and ensures that information about your business reaches the target audience, and is very cost-effective, as compared to other business strategies to small scale or large scale business owners.


Keep up with the latest trends in Information technology, Human resources management, Marketing and more.


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